Hero Dog Helps Police Chopper Find Lost Toddler…Cops Shocked To See What’s Sitting Inches From The Boy’s Side

In the armed services, there’s a well-known motto:

Never leave a fallen man behind.

Dogs understand that heroic adage better than any animal out there, which is why they make for fantastic protectors.

They will NEVER leave your side!

The Gertken family in central Minnesota have an “adventurous” 2-year-old boy and two dogs, an English springer spaniel named Bella Grace, and her 12-week-old pup, Madeline.

It’s the all-American family, isn’t it? Heck, they even live on a farm.

But the aforementioned 2-year-old got a little too adventurous one day, as he wandered off into the fields and got lost.

Bella Grace and Madeline had followed the wandering toddler, though, so authorities knew they’d have some help.

But they needed to work fast, as it was past 9:30 p.m. and quite dark.

According to the Star Tribune, police and fire personnel and around 200 volunteers set out to search. They even employed a helicopter with “a heat signature.”

That heat signature proved to be the winning stroke, but it also proved that the 2-year-old had been in good hands…err, paws…from the start!

Stearns County Sheriff Lt. Vic Weiss said searchers heard the dog barking before they found the boy, then it stopped barking.

Then the helicopter picked up the heat signature of both the boy and the dog, which kept walking near the child and sitting down next to him.

And what did rescuers find when they finally stumbled upon the scared 2-year-old?

Not just Bella Grace, pacing and protecting, but the 12-week-old Madeline, who had never once left the boy’s side.

Said Grandpa Gertken:

The puppy stayed next to the boy the whole time.

Furthermore, the lieutenant said the mama dog’s movements – walking back and forth near the boy – “absolutely” played a big role in the child’s rescue.

“The [older] dog was in preservation and protection mode,” Weiss said.

In the end, rescuers brought home a chilly but otherwise healthy 2-year-old toddler and two very proud dogs.

And you know, the boy wasn’t even scared. Gertken said he “didn’t cry once,” even after being in the dark for 3 hours.

And why?

Because Bella Grace and Madeline were always there, that’s why! 🙂

Source: Star Tribune

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