Hiker Hears Faint Whimpering. His Heart Sinks When Finds The Abandoned Box

A man wandering through the woods in London’s Victoria Park on a sunny afternoon had no way of knowing that he was in for more than a little fresh air and exercise.

As he was strolling along, taking in the beauty of nature, he thought he heard something but shook it off and just kept going.

A minute later, he thought he heard it again. This time he stopped to listen for a few seconds, and that’s when he heard it.

He could hear faint crying coming from somewhere nearby and thought maybe a wild animal had had babies and went on his way.

Then he got a nagging feeling that he should check to be sure that there wasn’t an animal in distress and turned back.

He followed the faint whimpers and suddenly came upon an old box with tape on the top. He bent down to make sure that is where the cries were coming from and quickly tore open the box.

Inside, there were four little puppies looking up at him, terrified and shivering from the cold.

He grabbed the box of puppies and hurried out of the park to get them to safety. Taking them to the closest shelter, the pups were surprisingly given a clean bill of health.

The manager said that they were lucky because “It was a cold day and they could have easily gotten hypothermia, suffocated or died of dehydration.”

All of the puppies that were dumped in the woods to die have already been adopted. They are still too young to go to their forever homes and staying in foster care until they’re ready, and they’re thriving.

How lucky they are that their hero showed up when he did!

Source: The Dodo

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