She Goes Hiking Then Disaster Strikes — How Her 3 Dogs Save Her Life Will Leave You Breathless!

Unfortunately, most of us know that disaster strikes when we least expect it. Certainly, that was the case for the lady in our story today. She was only out for a simple hike with her dogs when suddenly — her very life was at stake.

Simple enough

It was another ordinary day for Annette Poitras, a dog walker in Coquitlam, British Columbia, when she left the house that. The athletic caretaker had taken the dogs for a hike a million times before, after all.

The day had started out simply enough:

She and three of her dogs headed out for a normal hike through the woods.

Suddenly disaster struck. Annette fell and was injured, and somehow during the accident she managed to lose her phone.


Annette knew immediately that the situation was dire, as she had not stayed on a regular path. It would be unlikely that someone would just happen to stumble on them.

She figured her husband would call for help when she didn’t return home. Still, though it would be difficult to track her down in the woods — if not impossible.

She was right; he did call for help.

Search and rescue

Over 100 searchers combed the wilderness near Eagle Mountain to try and find Annette after her husband reported her missing. Two helicopters were also used in the search.

Luckily, the three dogs that she had by her side not only knew what to do anbut also showed her how to take care of herself. They even stayed with her and guarded her until help arrived.

Annette’s husband Marcel couldn’t stop raving about the way the dogs had cared for his wife.

“One of them was cuddling [her] and one of them was on guard and the other one was looking for food…She happened to notice one of the dogs was digging a hole to sleep in.

[The undergrowth], it’s very spongy, it soaks up a lot of water. So she started sweeping away all the brush and everything to get down into the dirt and kind of made herself a little well to sleep in.”

She learned from the dogs.

Rescued dog walker's hospital reunion

Rescued dog walker Annette Poitras is being kept in hospital longer than her family hoped, but at least some special visitors are cheering her up. More here:

Posted by CTV Vancouver on Friday, November 24, 2017

Not only was Annette too injured to care for herself, but the weather was horrible as well.

Marcel Poitras told Global News his wife and the dogs – a collie called Chloe, a boxer named Roxy, and Bubba, a pug-beagle mix – survived two days and two nights, with no supplies in periods of “torrential” rain.

Despite her injuries, Annette managed to help take care of the dogs too.

She put her jacket around Roxy the boxer when she realized that Roxy’s short hair wasn’t keeping her warm enough in the damp night air.

Marcel was also quick to praise the search and rescue teams that had come out in force to search for his wife and her dogs.

You know, these people are doing this on their own time. They’re leaving their job, what they get paid to do to pay their mortgage, to come out and help people that need the help.

So you know what, support them. They deserve it.

On the third day of the search, rescuers heard faint cries for help and loud barking and tracked down the small group.

They were in an area described by the Mounties as “well outside the normal trail system”, according to The Surrey Now Leader.

The rescue team said she was “alive and in good condition” quite far into the Coquitlam Watershed and off the trail, in dense bush and swamp.

Marcel says his wife is recovering and will be released from the hospital this week.

He says they are looking forward to “quiet, peace, walking dogs and visiting family” now that the ordeal is over.

This is why dogs are man’s best friends!

Sources: Global NewsIHeartDogs

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