Home Intruders Picked The Wrong House, And They Find Out The Hard Way!

Sometimes the bear eats you, sometimes you eat the bear.

That’s the reverse of the adage about standing up to adversity.

Good thing no one told this French Bulldog that bears usually have the upper hand in that old saying.

That bulldog is just minding his business in the backyard of his home when a couple of rogue bears wander onto the scene.

The bears, likely adolescents unsure of their surroundings, meander into the bulldog’s home turf.

That’s when things get hairy.

The bulldog doesn’t take kindly to the intruders and rushes one of them, well, like a bear would.

It was a bull-rush the bear wasn’t expecting and it quickly back-peddles.

Our brave bulldog isn’t done and rushes the second bear.

That sends the bear scampering up the steps of the porch and back down again before the bruin scrambles over the back fence.

You gotta’ love the little guy standing up and protecting what’s his.

Source: YouTube

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Shawn Green

Written by Shawn Green

I write about positive relations between humans and the wonderful creatures who share this earth with us.

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