Man Found A Homeless Dog After A Flood, Days Later They’re Shocked By What’s In His Fur 

It is hurricane season. If you live in the south or along the east coast, you know what this means.

Even if you are spared a hit by a hurricane, almost everyone in these areas is affected by the rain from tropical waves and storm bands.

One of the often forgotten groups in tropical storms as well as bad storms, in general, are animals. All too often, people think of themselves and their belongings but fail to consider the needs of animals.

After a terrible flood in Atlanta, Georgia, a man found a Golden Retriever wading in his family’s driveway as he came home. It was unclear where the dog had come from but he was in horrible shape.

“He was just sitting by a mailbox in the rain, looking pathetic,” the man said. “I pulled over and called him to me, and he immediately came, wagging his tail.

The man loved him instantly and new he had to help. The dog was malnourished and seemed to have sores all over his body. A trip to the vet revealed the reason.

The poor dog had reportedly escaped from an animal hoarding situation. He had been living in the woods with little chance of survival until the fateful day when he showed up in the driveway.

The vet found more than 200 gorged fleas on the dog’s body. He also suffered from ringworms, heart worms and hookworms.

The fleas, worms and malnourishment left the poor pooch 25 pounds underweight.


This Golden Retriever now has a forever home with the man who first rescued him. His new family has named him Bran.

He had to wear a cone for a while until all of his sores healed. But now he is right at home with his new best friend, another Golden Retriever in the same family.

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