Cruel Cops Threaten to Take a Homeless Man’s Dog — the Internet Helps Save the Day

Sadly, there are over 1.56 million homeless people living in the US at this moment.

Some beg on the streets for money to survive, but one homeless man in L.A. was begging for something else.

The founder on Hand in Paw, Piper Wood got a disturbing call about the man named Hector.

A friend of Piper’s called her to tell her that she had met him outside of a local grocery store, and that he was begging – but not for food or money.

Hector wanted help getting a license for his beloved little chihuahua, Amy.

He was asking for help because the police were threatening to take Amy away from Hector; not because she was being neglected, starved, or abused – but because he didn’t have a dog license for her.

He had tried to get a license for her, but because he doesn’t have an address, he was refused.

The friend explained, “He is crying while trying to tell this story, saying that they took her away once before, and that he cannot live without her.”

Piper took to social media to ask for help for Victor and Amy. She was not prepared for what happened next!

So many donations poured in that they had enough money for medical care for Amy, her shots, her LICENSE, and get this…a brand new stroller for Hector to push Amy in!

Hector is over the moon. “…he’s usually talking about his dog, and his dog makes him so happy that he cries most of the time because he’s so happy. He’s a really kind, kind person,” explained Piper.

We’re so happy that they get to stay together! Aren’t you?

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