Homeless Poodle Refuses To Move From An Alley. When Rescuers See Why, Their Hearts Split In Two

When life has beaten you down, you just want to give up.

You don’t believe there’s any reason to struggle; the outlook is so bleak, you may as well just wait for death.

That appeared to be poor Yankee’s mentality when rescuers found her.

This homeless poodle had been living on the mean streets of Los Angeles for a long time.

Some kind-hearted neighbors tried to help Yankee by giving him food every now and then, but it wasn’t enough.

The defeated creature didn’t have anything a dog should have so one day, he decided to just lie down and stay there.

Passerby noticed Yankee wouldn’t move and thought he might be hurt.

So they called Hope for Paws, a rescue organization based in LA, and when they showed up, they thought the same thing.

But when they got close, they realized something:

Yankee wasn’t hurt at all. He was nervous and afraid but otherwise, his body seemed to be okay.

The bottom line is that this homeless animal had finally given up; he was just going to lie there and wait for death.

He’d long since grown tired of surviving on the streets and he was tired and starving. It’d be hard not to give up, right?

Well, Hope for Paws brought him back and gave him the necessary care and attention.

They quickly got Yankee a foster home with Rescue From the Hart, and that’s where the improving pooch found a new best friend.

It was a little boy who showed Yankee that life can be great…if you can just make it through the tough spots.

You should see Yankee and the boy today; they are so beautiful together!

These are exactly the dogs that deserve lifelong love. Here’s hoping Yankee lands his forever home soon!

Source: DoggiesCare

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