Homeless Romeo Was ‘Too Ugly’ For Love — His Future Looked Bleak Until…

Poor little Romeo didn’t look like the other kitties. That fact meant the little guy was isolated, lonely, and alone. Would this “too ugly to love” kitty every find a family of his own?


Yes, kittens are adorable.

They’re cute and cuddly and have those heartbreakingly beautiful little faces.

And of course, that’s exactly the kind of kitten everyone wants to adopt, too.

Unfortunately, as is the case with humans, not every animal is born with attractive features.

While it’s difficult to picture a homely kitten, perhaps Romeo qualifies:

The ginger kitty was born with an obvious facial defect that stands out to everyone and as such, nobody wanted him.

The worst part is that all of Romeo’s brothers and sisters found their forever homes, but Romeo was left alone.


And sadly, his future looked very bleak. If nobody wanted him, he might end up on the cold unforgiving streets of Spain.

But one day, a new face showed up.

It was a kind face, a curious face, one that didn’t look away when Romeo looked up.

This face belonged to Laura Llacer, the founder of Compasión Animal Santuario and an obvious animal lover.

Unlike everyone else, Laura couldn’t believe the poor kitten hadn’t yet been adopted.

So what did she do?

A chance

She picked Romeo up and took him to live with her at the sanctuary, where he’d have the opportunity to interact with other animals.

And oh yes, he’d have a loving owner and a fantastic home.

On top of which, Laura soon found that Romeo was a wonderfully affectionate animal, and she believes his defect contributes to his charming personality.

Romeo is very, very affectionate and behaves differently than other cats.

Of course, he suffers a deformity, but that makes him different. That makes him unique.

The other animals certainly don’t care about the deformity, and only see Romeo for what he is:

A truly unique, adorable, caring animal who loves others.

It’s impossible not to cheer for this story!

Source: Honest to Paws

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