Hunter In A Tree Hears A Noise Below Him – Seconds Later, They’re Face To Face And He’s Speechless!

If you haven’t seen this video, it’s certainly one of a kind.

Now I won’t lie, I really wish the hunter was shooting animals with a camera instead of a gun. But this video was too powerful not to share.

This hunter is sitting up in a tree perch waiting for wildlife to walk by.

And boy did it walk by. 😉

When the video starts, he’s sitting there quietly and you can’t really hear much. Then it starts…

You hear a rustle below him. Some scratching…then before you even realize what’s happened – BOOM.

He’s there, right in his face.


The hunter is quickly reminded that he is not the only thing out looking for a meal in the woods that day.

WATCH and SHARE – it’s good for humans to have a healthy respect for animals.
(turn up your sound – you’ll want to hear this!)

Click the full-screen option in the Youtube player above.
Looks like this —>  

Source: Youtube

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Written by Collin

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