Uh-Oh…Family Left Husky Alone For Three Hours, What They Came Home To Left Them Floored And Us Laughing

In 1989’s feature film Turner & Hooch, Tom Hanks played a small town police detective.

The only witness to a murder was a lovable yet slobbery and messy mutt named Hooch. Hanks’ character had no choice but to take Hooch home with him.

When left alone, Hooch trashes the house as he attempts to find food, play with everything in sight and chew up everything else.

The dog in this story is reminiscent of Hooch. He, too, was left at home alone. And he, too, left quite a surprise for his people when they returned home.

The family left their beautiful Husky unattended and free to roam the house while they took in a movie. They were completely unaware of what he would do when left home alone that day.

The gorgeous black, gray and white Husky came across a jar of ink while exploring the house. He must have found it rather entertaining because he coated his paws with it.

And judging by the amount of ink left behind, he must have kept coming back to it as well.

The owner who posted these photos on Imgur said that the Husky used a “traditional ink for Chinese calligraphy practice” that is “100% bio and non-toxic to dog or human.” That is a good thing. Judging by the amount of ink used, he would have been a goner if it had been toxic.

Check out these photos and see the canine artist at work for yourself. This dog appears to have been on the go the entire time that his people were at the movies. Paw prints are everywhere!

The kitchen floor looks like a young child’s finger painting. The tracks show the dog was going back and forth and probably even spinning a little to get his artistic inspiration across just right.

The living room has been transformed into a collage of brown tile and black foot prints which would be fine if the homeowners were going for the animal print look.

One area near the door even shows evidence of a little slip and slide action. Papers and other items seem to be littered throughout the canine’s art.

But one spot was left surprisingly clean. The Husky obviously put a paw up on the bed and then remembered that he was not allowed up there.

The good boy went back down and left the bed alone.

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