Owner dumps crying pup at a shelter on Christmas day. I am so grateful what happens next…

A true Christmas gift!

Pet adoption agencies and pet rescues often have a return window wherein they allow someone to return a pet for another attempt at adoption.

These policies exist so that families can easily return a pet if they quickly realize that their home is not a good fit for the adopted pet.

But it is downright wrong for someone to adopt a pet, keep it for a long time, and then simply dump it back at a shelter as if they simply did not care.

Sadly, that is just what happened to a pit bull named Jack.

Jack had a home. But his owner decided, for whatever reason, that he did not want to keep Jack any longer.

He showed up at a local shelter on Christmas day to drop Jack off. Poor Jack seemed to realize what was happening as he began crying out begging not to be left at the shelter. His owner merely laughed.

Jack had no behavior problems. He had no physical problems. He simply was not wanted anymore.

The staff and volunteers at the shelter were moved by his story and his sweet nature, that they decided to launch a social media campaign to get Jack adopted as soon as possible.

As people learned of Jack’s story, adoption offers poured into the rescue organization.

Several of these offers were deemed to be a good fit for Jack. Not surprisingly, Jack was quickly adopted.


He is now living in his forever home and will never suffer such rejection and heartlessness again.


Source: Goodfullness

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