ADORABLE! This Dog Has A VERY Unusual Job – You HAVE To You See This!

Dogs are our companions, our friends and members of our families. Dogs also have the relatively unique ability to help people in special ways.

There are many types of working dogs including those who support police, search and rescue efforts and those with disabilities.

One dog in Fort Wayne, Indiana has a job like no other.

His website describes him as the best darn dog in professional baseball.

So, what does he do to garner such acclaim?

Jake the Diamond Dog works for the Fort Wayne Tin Caps baseball team. As a member of the team, he travels with them to away games and serves at home games.

His job? Jake delivers water to the pitcher and umpires. He retrieves bats and balls and carries towels to hot umpires.

The fans love him for it, too. Jake has become a favorite member of his team and even of his opponents’ team and fans.

Watch Jake in action as he carries water out to an umpire using a small basket. Zach Groth of the local ABC affiliate describes Jake as “amazing.

Jake seems to love his job. He happily trots out to do his job, helps the players and umpires, gets a quick pat on the head, then happily returns to his trainer. His tail wags the whole time.

Jake’s trainer works with the golden retriever regularly. He tosses balls and bats for Jake to retrieve. He continues to have him practice deliveries as well.

Jake even serves as an ambassador of the team.

So, what do you think? Should all teams have a dog like Jake? After all, baseball is played during the dog days of summer!

Here he is in action!


Source: BuzzFeed

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