James Is Devastated After Losing His 2 Dogs. Then His Wife Reveals His Birthday Gift, And He Collapses In Tears

It’s tough when you lose your best friends.

It’s extra tough when you lose them within 3 weeks of each other.

That’s the tragedy through which James Xuereb had to suffer this past summer, and dog lovers everywhere feel his pain.

James, who lives in Guelph, Ontario, loved his two dogs, Lucy and Nemo.

One passed due to congestive heart failure and the other passed due to old age. And again, within 3 weeks of each other.

It was extremely difficult on the grieving dog lover.

So, when his birthday rolled around, his wife Wanda and his daughter Jaleen knew they needed to do something special.

And what they did is…well, you have to see it.

This is the sort of video that requires at least a few tissues…trust me on that:

Source: I Heart Dogs

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