Adorable Kitten Finally Gets Adopted. Then His New Mama Flips Over The ID Tag And Sees A Secret Message…

Pets can be the source of great inspiration for humans.

And sometimes, they can even be used to carry important messages…

We’re not talking about carrier pigeons; in this case, we’re talking about an adorable kitten named Gandalf.

Jared Forsyth’s mother helps provide foster homes for kittens and one of those kittens was this beautiful gray fluffball, Gandalf.

How could you look at that face and not instantly fall in love?

Well, Jerad and his girlfriend, Kat (appropriate name!), certainly loved Gandalf and decided to adopt him.

So, they decided to visit the local SPCA and make the adoption official. A simple trip…but Jared had a more elaborate plan.

He called ahead to set things up and then, the SPCA called Kat and asked if she’d like to be part of an adoption video they were filming.

She agreed and when she showed up, they started filming her holding her new pet, Gandalf.

That’s cute enough, right?

But then an SPCA owner comes up to Kat and asks her to check the name tag on the kitten.

As it turns out, there was a secret message written on the inside of that tag and when Kat flipped it over, Jared suddenly materialized.

Watch the heartwarming video below to find out what happens next…

Not only does a wonderful kitten get a loving home, but a second blessed event is in the works.

Couldn’t be more perfect. 😀

Source: Honest to Paws

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