Precious Kitten Named Max Looks Like Any Other, But Vet Reveals He’s No Ordinary Kitty


The internet is filled with cute kitten videos. In fact, some people seem to do nothing but share them on Facebook all day long.

There’s just nothing cuter than a kitten. And the best part of having a kitten is that you know there won’t be any surprises as he grows up. Even the largest house cat in the world would still fit into most laps.

Yep, you can usually tell exactly what a cute little kitten is going to grow up into. Adult cats are just slightly larger versions of their kitten selves. Right?

Well, usually. For instance, what would you think this adorable little kitten would grow up to be?

He seems pretty cuddly and innocent, doesn’t he? Here’s a hint, he’s definitely not your typical kitten!

Here’s a pic of him when he’s just a few weeks older. Can you tell the difference between him and the kitties on the videos? The tufts of hair on the end of the ears gave him away, didn’t they?

Introducing Max, a Canadian Lynx.

It’s likely unless you spend a lot of time in the frozen tundra of Canada, you have never met a lynx in person. They are sometimes confused with their cousins, the bobcat but their similarity ends with their short tail.

Bobcats have shorter tufts on their ears, the tip of their tail is black on top and white underneath, and bobcats have shorter legs and smaller feet than lynx. Both of them are feared by smaller prey wherever they roam.

Neither can ever be totally tamed and should never be considered as house pets. Max, however, because he was born in captivity, has been completely “humanized.” That means that he is comfortable living among humans and does not see them as a threat or as prey.

It does not mean that he could be integrated into a family home and be part of a normal lifestyle. Although he can be quite gentle with his human handler, no one but big cat professionals should ever attempt to be friendly with any non-domesticated cat.

“[Max] was born at a zoo in May 2011,” his handler, WildlifeBernie

explains.  “Max is not domesticated but has been humanized. He still has wild tendencies.” 

Sometimes, this big guy seems to forget that he’s not a house cat. He certainly acts like one when Bernie calls him for treats and rubs. 

He hops down from his tall perch and begins rolling around on the floor of his home like any house cat. Max loves catnip and treats too, just like any other cat. 

When given a present, he enjoys ripping open the crackling paper almost as much as he enjoys the gift that’s wrapped inside. (Look at the size of those feet, willya!?)

But, despite the similarities between Max and every other house cat you may have known, you should never make the mistake of believing they are the same. We’ve all suffered the stings of a slap from our domesticated feline pet when we do something they don’t like.

Can you imagine what a slap from that big old foot would feel like? Even if claws weren’t extended! If he says “leave my toy alone,” we suggest you do exactly that!

There’s an old saying that’s definitely true. Dogs think their owner is a god, a cat thinks that he is the god. Cats do enjoy receiving special treatment from their humans, but they always want it on their terms. And woe to the owner that tries to force anything on a cat that they don’t want.

Like all other cats, Max loves it when his handler brings him a box. It takes a pretty good sized box to hold all of him now though. And when he gets tired of his box, it gets shredded fairly rapidly.

Max enjoys playing with his toys just like any other cat. Nothing lasts very long though. With those sharp teeth and claws, it’s easy for Max to “love something to death” pretty quickly.

Max is such a unique character that his handler is able to let Max enjoy a lot of experiences that a lot of wild animals in captivity can’t. For instance, he has learned to walk on a leash, so he gets to go outside in all sorts of weather.

Like most cats, rolling seems to be one of his favorite activities. Whether he’s rolling in fresh snow or a newly mowed lawn in the summer sun.

Max is a true contradiction between a lovable house cat and fierce wildcat. Listening to him purr it’s hard to remember that he would be a beast to be feared in his natural habitat.

Sometimes though, something catches his eye and he pulls himself up to full size and his eyes narrow. Then you remember immediately just how dangerous he could be.

Kudos to the wildlife handler that maintains Max in such a wonderful way. If he can’t be living the life of his ancestors, it’s great to know he lives such a happy life, as normally as possible.

If only all wild animals in captivity could be treated so wonderfully!

Source: Honest To Paws

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