Woman Finds 5 Abandoned Newborn Kittens, Rescuers Can’t Believe Where They Were Born

Life isn’t easy for a feral cat. Even more difficult for a pregnant one. There are dangers at every corner, from predators to disease.

And during childbirth, or rather kittenbirth, and soon after, the dangers increase tenfold. A cat that has difficulty birthing is almost sure to die along with her newly delivered and unborn kittens. .

If they all survive, they will be weakened which makes them even more susceptible to attacks or disease.

One feral cat chose an abandoned washing machine as her labor and delivery room. That choice ended up being the best decision of her life. In doing so, she ended up with a clean start on a new life for her and her kittens.

She was lucky that the humans that spotted her and four of her kittens did they right thing. They immediately contacted The Mayhew Animal Home who immediately went into action to save the little family.

The adorable five-week-old kittens, later named Daz, Ariel, Persil, Surf and Fairy were living inside the drum of a washing machine left in a garden belonging to a florist.

Staff members humanely trapped mom after she avoided capture by other methods. A vet for Mayhew checked her out, inoculated her and spayed her.


Staff members then released her back at her washing machine home. It is almost impossible to keep an older feral cat in a normal home situation. It is kinder to release them to the only life they’ve ever known.

A kitten introduced to humans at an early age can usually adapt to human companion life. An older feral cat will rarely fully adapt and both owner and cat will be unhappy.

According to a post on Good News Shared, Animal Welfare Officer at The Mayhew, Tania Mazzoni, said, “A member of staff at the florist called us after they spotted four kittens and their mum climbing out of the washing machine.”

The kittens ages were approximated at five weeks.

“She scooped them up and put them in a box, ready for us to collect when we arrived at the florist.”

“When we arrived, we collected the kittens and did a thorough check of the washing machine and garden to make sure we’d found all of the family. We assumed we had them all when we couldn’t find any others.”

“We brought all four kittens back to our Home where they were settled into a comfy and warm kitten cabin and were given a thorough health check by our Vet team. Thankfully, they were all in very good condition and were healthy weights.”

The florist staff spotted a fifth kitten a few days later. They quickly corralled it so it could join the rest of its siblings at The Mayhew.

A foster home provided through The Mayhew offered the kittens a chance to be evaluated and give them exposure to humans. Permanent homes have been found for two of the kittens, together.

The other three are still awaiting their forever humans. Mom is happy back at home, no longer having to be concerned with the additional dangers that arise from unwanted suitors as she comes into heat twice a year.

And no more unwanted kittens will be added to the overwhelming numbers of feral cats around the world.

The whole little family is now healthy and happy thanks to the animal-lovers that first spotted them. And to the wonderful team at Mayhew Animal Home.

Source: Good News Shared

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