Devastated Kitty Curls Up With An iPad Every Night For The Most Touching Reason

Best friends come in all shapes and sizes.

And sometimes, friendships occur between the most unlikely of folks.

Most cats and dogs fight like, well, like cats and dogs. But occasionally, we hear stories of felines and canines that pal around like best buds.

Take for instance, a little kitten named Scout who was adopted into a family that included an older dog named Charlie.

There was some apprehension as to how well the two would get along, of course.

After all, Charlie was old and set in his ways. And Scout was a very normal (read that as frisky and playful) kitten.

At first, Charlie tried to play the part of the “grumpy old dog.” He was 10 years old after all.

But it didn’t take long before Scout’s charms won him over, and before long, they were best friends!

They played together…

They ate and drank together. They even developed the weird little rituals that the best of friends do.

In this case, Scout liked to sniff Charlie’s ears. And Charlie was very content to let him.

Most often though, they slept together. They slept a lot.

Cats always sleep a lot and as dogs get older, they tend to take a lot more naps, so this was indeed a match made in heaven.

They scored a lot of ZZZzs together.

Their mom kept their social media followers updated with all of the pair’s hijinks.

“My dog doesn’t like to sleep near the cat, but she adores him and will lay next to him until he gives up moving,” their owner said at the time.

Unfortunately, all good things, even the best things, have to come to an end someday.

Charlie was diagnosed with cancer,= and although he put up a good fight, eventually he succumbed.

And Scout, as you might imagine, was devastated. He moped about, remembering his friend, and all the good times (and naps) they had shared.

Scout became so depressed that his owner was concerned.

One day, she pondered the idea of bringing a little bit of Charlie back for Scout…

So, she put an iPad playing videos of Charlie on one of Charlie’s old beds.

Sure enough, in no time at all, Scout was curled up watching the video, and then, once again, falling asleep beside her old pal.

How adorable!

It seemed to really make a difference in Scout’s life.

She didn’t have Charlie anymore, but…she got the chance to remember.

And that’s obviously good enough to help with the grieving process.

She hadn’t known Charlie during his younger years, but their owner had shared photos of them throughout their lives with her friends and followers on social media.

And now she continued to keep everyone up to date with what was going on in their lives.

It took a while for both Scout and her owner to get over the loss of Charlie.

If one in fact ever does “get over it.” But as always, life goes on.

“This is her now, beautiful as ever, even though we’re still grieving for our sweet Charlie,” she said.

Scout did indeed start to feel better and as always, time heals all wounds.

Then, one day, it was decided that enough time had passed…it was time to get a new puppy!

And so, Scout got a new canine brother named Oswald.

Again, things were touch and go for a while.

This time Scout was the “old guy” faced with a normal (read that frisky and over-exuberant) puppy.

Would it work out?

Well, after a few long heart-to-heart discussions, where Scout told Oswald exactly how The Cat should be treated, they came to terms with each other.

They haven’t reached the BFF relationship that Scout and Charlie and shared, but they’re going in the right direction.

Hang in there Oswald, we have it on good authority that a friendship with Scout is definitely worth a little work and patience!

This special kitty will become the best friend you’ve ever had, guaranteed! 😀

Source: Honest To Paws

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Bobbye Hudspeth

Written by Bobbye Hudspeth

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