Two Dogs Were Rescued From A Korean Meat Farm – Watch When They Are Reunited!

It’s not uncommon to read stories online about animals rescued from abusive situations.

But we often forget one of the most appalling things that some dogs face. Dogs are still used as food in Korea. This is the story of two special dogs who were rescued from a meat farm in South Korea.

This is the story of two special dogs who were rescued from a meat farm in there.

Kenji and Sophia were housed in the same area at the meat farm. The gorgeous white dogs bonded and were faithful companions to one another even in the worst of times.

They had only each other. Eventually, they had puppies.

Thankfully, the family was rescued from the meat farm and taken to the United States by a group called Jindo Love, a group that seeks to rescue dogs from Korean slaughterhouses.

Kenji and Sophia were both sent to the Sweet Paws Rescue in Massachusetts until they were adopted by different families.

“He’s the sweetest dog,” said Kenji’s new mom Lindsay Goldstein. “He’s so calm and affectionate and loves attention and belly rubs. When he’s excited he lets us know with his deep howls.”

There’s just one problem. Kenji doesn’t like other dogs. Goldstein attributes that to his time in the meat farm where he likely had to battle other dogs for survival.

She learned about Sophia from the rescue group and sought to reunite the pair.

Goldstein tracked down Sophia’s new home in Connecticut. Before long, the two families reunited the dogs.

No one was sure how they would respond after months apart, especially since Kenji had not been friendly with any other dogs.

Their reunion was absolute gold. It was evident from the start that they not only recognized each other but that they were thrilled to be together again.

They played in the yard together, snuggled together and rarely lost physical contact with one another.

What a blessing it is for these dogs to have such loving and compassionate people in their lives now.


Posted by Lindsay Goldstein Davis on Saturday, November 19, 2016

Source: I Heart Dogs



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