Levi The Mailman Is Happily Delivering Mail On His Bike, Now Keep Your Eye On The Cat – Hilarious!

Pets and mailmen don’t always get along.

For instance, everyone knows the old cliche of letter carriers constantly battling protective canines.

But in truth, many postal workers who deliver their mail on foot enjoy interacting with friendly pets.

It’s really a big highlight of the day.

That goes double for Levi Davis, a postman in the small town of Taranaki, New Zealand, who delivers mail on his bike.

Levi sees various animals on his route but one of them always gets him smiling.

When he approaches one particular house, the family pet – a cat named Tortie – comes running outside to greet him.

But the curious pet doesn’t just wander over and say hello.

Tortie actually waits for Levi to get closer then runs for a nearby fence, which he clambers up with ease.

He waits for Levi to get within striking distance and then…

From the top of the fence, he hops down into the basket on Levi’s bike, ready for some loving affection!

Levi always obliges, of course. The cat is just too adorable to resist (like most cats).

And Tortie will stay in the basket for as long as Levi will let him, too.

It’s like having a furry friend accompany you on your rounds every day at work! Does it get any better than that?

This must make up for any jumpy canines Levi encounters, right?

Source: Honest to Paws

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