Torn Nearly To Pieces By Fighting Dogs, No One Gave Liam A Chance Until…

Imagine a fight that can’t be won. Pinned down.

Attackers cut, rip and slash from head to toe. Body bloody, beaten. In the black of night, abandoned behind a dumpster.

Death would be peace. Instead, peace comes from rescuers determined to cheat death.

Melanie Pafford, co-founder of Streetdog Foundation that rescues street dogs, received word of a dog hiding behind a dumpster in Memphis, Tenn. She received disturbing photos showing the dog’s extensive injuries.

Pafford and a volunteer rushed to rescue the dog, but despite their coaxing, he refused to budge from his hiding place.

Kent Pafford, Melanie’s husband and co-founder of Streetdog Foundation, arrived to help and crawled between the loading dock and the dumpster to free the dog.

“He had too many puncture wounds to begin to count — from the tip of his nose, all over his head, and it was very heavy around his neck and ears, down his shoulders, down his legs,” Kent said.

“One of the legs had been bitten badly enough and was swollen from infection. We weren’t sure if it was broken or not.”

What the hell happened to this poor dog?

The Paffords believe he was used as a “bait dog” by people to prepare dogs before “dog fighting,” a barbaric sport. Submissive dogs are used to encourage other dogs to fight each other.

Fighting off death, the Paffords finally pulled the dog free and took him to a veterinarian. They decided to call the dog Liam and left him with the vet not knowing if he would make it through the night.

“His whole spirit was broken — so broken,” Melanie said. “He was giving up, and that’s what concerned us.”

A new morning brought hope. When they returned Liam started to wag his tail, but he was still hanging his head.

To spur his healing, the couple sang to Liam.

Liam smiled.

“We call it the street dog smile,” Melanie said. “When we take an animal like this, an injured angel, it can take some time before they realize there is hope. But getting to see that smile — that’s just everything.”

The Paffords’ care proved fruitful with Liam’s steady and healthy recovery.

His traumatic past over, death beaten back, Liam has a new life.

“…He’s realizing that he has people who love him,” Melanie said.

Source: NTDTV, Inspired



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