TOO FUNNY! Pup’s Just Sitting Quietly On Mom’s Lap – Then Her FAVORITE Song Comes On! [VIDEO]

Most of us have songs that we can’t help but sing to. They come on and we begin singing along without even realizing it. Then there are the songs that just bring us joy.

Sometimes, animals love music just as much as we do.

Lily the Bull Terrier Puppy is one such animal. She has a favorite song that she simply can’t resist.

When the song “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran comes on Lily’s ears perk up, and she joins in. Lily loves to sing along with the music.

It all starts as Lily happily sits on her mom’s lap with her ears perked up. When the music starts, so does her singing. And her sweet jowls make her look like she’s smiling from ear to ear when she sings.

Viewers of the video have loved her singing as much as her momma does. Although they do wonder how her person keeps a straight face.

One person even commented that Lily has a body like Rambo and a voice like Michael Jackson.

Perhaps the most adorable part of the video is simply listening to Lily sing. She looks like she would be a big, tough dog with a strong, low growl.

But the truth is that Lily has a quiet, high-pitched howl reminiscent of a cat’s at times. That voice makes her all the more appealing.

So, the next time your favorite song comes on and you start howling it out yourself, just remember this hilariously adorable bull terrier.

Source: The Veterans Site

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