Worried About Their Lonely Horse…Owners Give Him An Astonishingly Weird New Friend

There’s nothing worse than being all alone and bored. Most of us can usually find something to keep ourselves entertained.

There’s always a book somewhere nearby. Or a video game. Or even a phone call to a family member can make the minutes pass faster.

But being with a friend is just about the absolute best way to spend time. It’s hard to be bored when you have someone you care about nearby.

That’s what one lonely little horse on Aliboo Farm in Minooka, Illinois discovered recently. His registered name is Vuvuzela Z, but his friends call him Vuvu.

He is in training to be a jumper in the Olympics. That means that for a few hours every day he has plenty to do, jumping over poles and spending time with his trainer and rider.

The rest of the day, however, can get a little lonely.

That worried his owners, but they couldn’t figure out exactly what to do about it. It wasn’t feasible for several reasons for Vuvu to have an equine companion.

They couldn’t think of any other animal that would be a good fit for Vuvu. Then they brought home a stuffed horse they named Seymour.

Nobody’s quite sure how they happened on that exact stuffed animal. But, they’re all just quite glad that they did.

Most certainly, Vuvu is thrilled to have a new friend.

Like a lot of friendships, this one didn’t begin so great. At first Vuvu was a little leery of the intruder in his pen. It was reported that the stuffed horse didn’t show any excitement at meeting Vuvu either.

Vuvu walked towards it, then sauntered around it for a while, more curious than anything else.

Note: The mask that Vuvu is wearing does not restrict his eyesight. Like some window shades on cars, you can see in, but you can see out perfectly. It is designed to keep flies and other pests from bothering a horse’s tender eyes and ears.

Then he nudged it. Muscles tensed in case the weird furry thing jumped at him.

In nature, the horse has predators of every shape and size. The natural fear of strange things is one that has allowed the horse to thrive in situations that they could have easily perished.

That fear makes it hard to tame and train horses, but it’s simply part of the genetic makeup of the equine after centuries of evolution.

Once Vuvu realized that the weird creature didn’t mean him any harm, he decided it was play-time!


Picking up his new stuffed friend with his teeth, Vuvu began to trot around his pen. The equivalent perhaps of us showing our room to a friend who just dropped by.

The horseplay got a little rougher for a while, with Vuvu tossing the fake fur pony up in the air time and again. He even banged him into the fence a time or two. As well as showing off his “Hi Ho, Silver” signature move as well.

Vuvu’s owners were ecstatic. Vuvu finally had a friend, someone to help him while away the lonely hours between training and riding sessions with his people.

They are pretty sure that buying that silly stuffed horse may be the best money they’ve ever spent. And Vuvu agrees!

Source: Honest to Paws

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