Lonely Two-Legged Pooch Named Roo Was Sad — Then He Made The Most Unlikely Friend

This world is a rough enough place for an able-bodied human to navgiate — can you imagine what it’s like for a two-legged dog? Well, our new friend Roo knows what it’s like. And this little fella was one very sad doggy as a result.

Disabled dogs

Don’t underestimate animals that other people have given up one. Spend a few mintes on Animals Melt my Heart to see that they’ll surprise you every time. Sometimes, disbaled animals excel at life in ways we never thought possible.

Dogs are famously resilient, lovable and, well, dogged, in overcoming odds.

Roo was depressed

Roo was a Chihuahua destined for a hard life. You see, he was missing his two front legs.

Who would want this lame dog and all the trouble of his disability?

Two-legged animals find a way

Sometimes, though, no matter how strange, two-legged creatures in trouble manage to form a miraculous bond that changes everyhing.

For example, take a down-and-out dog and a chicken – yes, a chicken – headed for a mad scientist’s lair and there’s a duo you’ll never forget.

Roo’s new best friend is a fuzz-ball Silkie chicken. You can see him here, stepping out larger than life after he was rescued from a scientific testing facility.

The pint-sized pooch is now one feisty, big-smiling character running around on two legs and loving life with a pal who loves him for who he is.

Watching them live life together is an inspiration like no other.

The off-beat duo plays, sleeps, and cuddles together in a world of total cuteness. They love on each other, and even make time for the humans in their lives.

Best friends furever

Just talking about them doesn’t do them justice  – just watch how they get along together:

Chicken And Chihuahua Get Adopted Into The Same Family

This Silkie chicken and 2-legged Chihuahua were both rescued — and now they're best friends 🐶🐔💕

Posted by Dodo Impact on Sunday, November 27, 2016

Keep in mind both animals were given up as losses with no hope for quality lives.

They’ve shown the world how love, friendship and a chance to live makes all the difference in life.

Both of these animals have now been adopted and they are living their best lives — all thanks to the help of their very best friend.

Source: The Animal Rescue Site

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