Lonely And Whining, Penny Tries To Peek Over Fence, So Jennifer Grabbed The Drill!

What a cute and creative solution.

Most of us don’t like the idea of someone watching us when are alone in our homes. There’s a reason that the sales of curtains and privacy fences rarely are victims of a bad economy.

No matter what else, we always want to believe that we still have our privacy. Most states now have Peeping Tom laws that make it illegal to stalk someone and watch them from afar.

One woman didn’t mind having a Peeping Tom (or in her case, a Peeping Penny). In fact, she found it somewhat amusing.

Jennifer Bowman was outside in her yard spending time with her dog, Olive, when she heard a strange sound from next door. A squeaking noise.

Then, she could have sworn she saw a dog’s head popping over the top of her wooden privacy fence. But, that was impossible unless the dog had legs like a giraffe. Her fence was almost six feet high.

She looked away and then looked back at the fence. Nope. No dog there.

But wait!

Again the squeaking sound, and then, there was a dog’s head again. In a different place. A beautiful German Shepherd apparently happy to be meeting the new neighbor. Even in short bouncing bursts.

Jennifer found the dog’s antics to be endearing. But, she decided that she didn’t really like the idea of the dog bouncing about looking at her as she enjoyed her yard with her own pet.

So, she went inside to look up something to use to fix the problem.

She found it in her toolbox. A drill. No, it’s not what you think. She didn’t get the drill to use as a weapon.

She took it back outside and destroyed a portion of her fence to make it easier for the dog to be a voyeur.

Now “Peeking Penny” wouldn’t have to work so hard just to say hello. Penny’s owners had been afraid that Penny’s attempts to be sociable would not be appreciated by their neighbor.

They were thrilled to find out that Penny and Jennifer, as well as Jennifer’s dog, Olive, had become the very best of friends. “I just can’t get enough,” Jennifer says with a laugh, watching Penny bouncing up and down.

Now, after Jennifer put the drill back away, Peeking Penny not only could peek through her new little “eyes and nose gates” but she could share the treats that Jennifer shared with Olive. Definitely a win-win for her!

Don’t we all wish we had neighbors as, well, neighborly as Jennifer?

Here’s wishing them a lot of years sharing chats through the fence. It’s really true, good fences do make good neighbors.

Source: NTD TV

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