He Looks Like A Character From A Disney Animated Movie, See Why He’s Become An Internet Star

While we most certainly hope and pray that all animals in shelters are fortunate enough to find their forever homes, we sadly know that this is not always the case.

There are some poor, unfortunate souls who never find their forever homes. Then there are other animals in shelters who seem destined to find their forever homes quite easily.

You know the animals we are talking about. They are usually cats or dogs. They are so absolutely sweet and precious that you just know the moment you see them that they will find a home.

These are the animals who are the cutest. Everyone coos at them whether they realize it or not. And these animals will love on absolutely anyone who dares to approach them.

It is imaginable that these pets are also among the ones that shelters most like to take in, pets that they feel confident will be adopted rather than face the horrendous possibility of euthanasia.

This dog is obviously one of those dogs. His photo was posted to Reddit by a shelter. Photos of this dog lit up the internet with comments. He is so completely cute that he must have been the muse for a Disney animated movie.

Followers on social media began offering suggestions for the precious pup’s name. Mickey Rooney, Frank, Wilford Brimley, Diabeetus, Danny DeVito, Don Rickles, Earnest Borgnine, Mimzy and Pumpkin Butt were all thrown out as ideas.

Not surprisingly, it did not take too long for this puppy to be adopted into his forever home. His new owner also saw all the fuss being made over him on the internet.

She was so moved and inspired that she replied and included another photo to continue sharing the story of this adorable dog.

“I’ve seen a couple pictures posted of my newly adopted little guy lately. Reddit, meet Frank the Tank,” his new person posted.

While Reddit followers were so glad to see him in his forever home, they still want more. They have been asking his new owner to continue posting photos of him and perhaps even start an Instagram account for him.

It looks like this little guy is so cute that he is becoming an internet star!


Source: Reddit
Source: Reddit



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