For 9 Years, Amy Never Stopped Looking For Lost Dog…Then The Phone Rang

It’s really difficult when you lose someone you love. Whether it’s a human companion, a pet or a friend, loss always hurts.

It’s hard to go to a memorial service and say goodbye to someone or something that you’ve loved. But, it’s far worse not to have that closure…not to be able to ever really say goodbye.

Amy Baca knows that unwavering grief quite well. Her much loved little dog Brownie darted out of a door left open accidentally by a visitor who didn’t know about Brownie’s bad habit. 

Amy never saw Brownie again. She put up posters all around her neighborhood. Over the months that followed she never stopped hoping that someday Brownie would return.

When those months turned into years, her hope faded to the point that she just hoped that someday someone would at least be able to tell her what had happened to the little dog she had loved.

She says she never totally gave up hope, but as the ninth anniversary of Brownie’s appearance came and went, she had to accept that his disappearance would always remain a mystery.

Then, one day she got a call that would change her life forever.

Kathy Hamel of Arizona Shih Tzu & Small Breed Rescue used information on a microchip they found implanted in a dirty, neglected old blind dog to make a phone call.

And Amy Baca was the person on the other end of that call.

Oh, it’s incredible … I’m just overwhelmed … mixed emotions… I just can’t believe it still.”  Amy finds it hard still to put her thoughts into words when asked about how the phone call made her feel.

After so long, it seemed almost like a hoax when Kathy asked her if she had a lost dog. Amy replied that she had, but it had been a very long time ago.

Kathy then asked if the name Brownie rang any bells and Amy began to cry. It rang every bell in her brain! Brownie was alive!

She still had to prove that Brownie was her dog, so Amy immediately sent a copy of the flier that she had posted around town when Brownie disappeared. Kathy took one look and said, “I think we have your dog.” 

Kathy admits she was stunned at the outcome of the rescue. “He was a dump, I did not think he would have an owner.”

But, he did. An owner who loved him and never gave up hope that he would be returned to her. 

The story was so remarkable that it ended up on the news. Brownie was now famous, and everyone who had known about Amy’s loss, now knew the good news!

As it turned out, someone had dumped Brownie at a tattoo parlor less than five miles from Amy’s home.  Nine years causes a lot of changes to a dog, even one that’s being cared for.

In poor Brownie’s case, the years had not been kind. It was obvious that he hadn’t lived a very good life since he came up missing. He is not blind, had a coat that hadn’t been cared for and he was thin.

Amy plans to change all of that. Her first stop after picking up Brownie from the rescue was to take him to their vet. “I don’t know how much longer he’s going to live. But at least he’s going to live his last moments at least, back with his family, where he belongs,” she said.

Brownie, and Amy give us hope that others who wait seemingly hopelessly for a phone call telling them their friend has been found, will hear their phone ring soon.

Congratulations, Amy and Brownie, for the happily ever after ending to your story!

Source: 12 News

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Bobbye Hudspeth

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