Lost for Over Two Years, Sue Had Given Up On Her Lost Cat, Then She Made A Call That Left Her Speechless

Cats will do what they do, when they want to do it and without concern for anyone else.

Their nature is part of the allure they provide for loyal cat owners.

That nature can also be the cause of great heartache for those who love their feline companions.

Jimmy the cat ruled his outdoor world outside his home in West Milford, N.J. Owner Sue Zelitsky described him as staying close to home mostly, prowling neighbors’ yards on occasion, napping in the open window of the car and lounging in the driveway.

Nothing out of the normal with Jimmy, age 13, as he always got done with his prowling and returned home.

Until one day he didn’t come home. It was Sept. 14, 2013.

Sue’s husband called repeatedly that evening for Jimmy. Nothing.

For the first time, Jimmy was nowhere to be found.

The Zelitskys continued their search the next morning, posted flyers about the neighborhood and called for Jimmy when walking the dog.

Still nothing. For days. For weeks. For months.

Before they realized, Jimmy had been gone for years.

Hope had faded as heartache took over.

Two and a half years later, Sue Zelitsky noticed a post in her social media news feed from the local West Milford Animal Shelter. The post was about a stray cat they discovered.

She reached out to the shelter, and every question she asked provided the answer she hoped was real – it was Jimmy.

The shelter relayed how Jimmy came into their care after a recent blizzard, and everything she described about her Jimmy matched the cat the shelter found 10 miles from his home.

To be certain, Zelitsky needed to meet Jimmy in person.

“As soon as we opened the cage I asked him, ‘Jim, is that you, bud?’ And he walked over and head-butted me and I just started crying,” she remembered.

Jimmy may have been lost, but he was never forgotten and he didn’t forget his loving home.

Jimmy the cat returned home to a life with two kittens the Zelitskys had adopted, and he readily renewed his relationship with the family dog.

He still rules his world while occasionally lounging in the driveway – at his house.

Source: Honest To Paws

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