Lucy Gets Hit By A Train And Can’t Move. Now Watch Her Brother Pull Off A Miracle And Save Her Life

This might be one of the most incredible things you’ve ever heard (or seen).

Now, we all know that dogs are loyal. They stick by your side no matter what.

But even the most ardent dog lover might be stunned to see just how far some canines are willing to go to save a life…

On a cold snowy day just before Christmas 2016, two dogs wandered away from home.

Lucy and Panda must’ve just been going for a stroll but perhaps they got lost. And then, tragedy struck.

Lucy got struck by an oncoming train. As you might expect, she was severely injured and couldn’t move.

Considering that she couldn’t get off the tracks and it was an active railway line, it looked like certain death for Lucy.

But Panda was there. And he wasn’t going anywhere.

He stayed right there and even covered her body with his to keep her from freezing to death in the subzero temperatures.

Well, that’s touching and everything but how the hell did the two stay alive when a train came along?

Incredibly, Panda climbed atop his hurt sister and pushed her head down, so they’d both slide beneath the hurtling train!

Thankfully, a train conductor spotted this impossible miracle and called up a friend who often helped dogs in trouble.

That friend, Denis Malafeev, showed up soon after to rescue Panda and Lucy from the deadly tracks.

Amazingly, the two dogs didn’t trust Denis at first. Well, Panda didn’t; he was leery of anyone who got close to his sister.

As Denis wrote on Facebook:

“I don’t know what to call it: instinct, love, friendship, attachment.

I only know this: not every human is capable of this. We should all learn from it!” 

And as it turns out, Lucy wasn’t as severely hurt as veterinarians feared.

The dog has suffered a myriad of bruises and a concussion but nothing seemed to be broken. And Panda, of course, was fine.

This truly is a miracle, wouldn’t you say?

Just watch as the train bears down on the two dogs:

Absolutely amazing!

Source: Honest to Paws

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