Mailman Finds Malnourished Dog Tied To A Tree, Gets Closer And Gasps At What He Sees…

People make a lot of jokes about mailmen and dogs. Supposedly, they are natural born enemies.

Certainly barking at mail and delivery men seem to be the primary hobby of most dogs along delivery routes.

There’s one dog in Philadelphia that will never bark at her mailman again. In fact, she owes him a debt of gratitude. He saved her life.

She was tied to a shrub on a hot pavement, in full summer sun when a mailman happened by and noticed her. She was emaciated, covered in scars and her eyes were filled with despair.

The mailman noted the irony that the pup was sitting just feet away from a sign that said “No Dumping.” Yet, someone had dumped this poor sad creature as if she was no more important than a bag of garbage.

Like all delivery people, the unnamed mailman’s route was long and he was going to have to hurry to be able to get to everyone on his route. But, he couldn’t get that dog’s sad eyes and ravaged body out of his mind. And heart.

We often hear a phrase that is usually credited as being the USPS motto…”Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.” While it’s not actually the mailman’s creed, certainly it describes their devotion to their job.

So, even with a looming pile of letters and packages waiting to be delivered, that kind postal worker stopped and tried to help the scared and hopeless animal. First, he brought her some cool water and moved her to a bit of shade.

Then he contacted a local shelter. At first he wasn’t getting a fast enough response, so he told them his situation, and that he refused to leave until someone arrived to take care of the dog.

Kindhearted rescue volunteers from Adopt A Boxer Rescue took in the pitiful creature. They named her Kuperus.

Although they offered a $500 reward for any information that could lead them to her owners, no traces of her history have been uncovered. Adopt A Boxer footed the bill for the veterinary care that was necessary to save Kuperus’s life. 

Kuperus looked a bit Frankenstein-like after having surgery on her head to repair the wound that the vet said was either from a bullet or knife. She also lost several teeth during the surgery to repair her broken jaw (likely from a well-aimed kick). But, that didn’t stop the world of Facebook from falling in love with her.

She became the darling of the media, even appearing on Fox 29’s “Good Day” news program. She was sporting a spiffy new T-shirt to spread the word about the search for her owner so charges could be filed. All to no avail.

The kind mailman who had found Kuperus didn’t forget about her once he drove away leaving her in the arms of a shelter volunteer. He stayed in touch and spend time with his new friend.

They went for walks together and he was constantly amazed at how quickly she began looking like a totally new dog. Before long she had a spring in her step and a light in her eye.

Her mailman friend wasn’t the only one who kept in contact with Kupernus. Everyone who met her has been mesmerized by her gentle spirit. A spirit not crushed despite the traumas inflicted on her in the past by humans.

A month after he had done the surgery on Kuperus’s jaw when she was first brought to Adopt A Boxer Rescue, her surgeon decided that he wanted Kuperus to come live with him. Social media danced and turned flips of joy when the happy news was announced on AABR’s Facebook page.

I am happy to announce that Kuperus has found her forever home with the veterinary dental surgeon who worked on her jaw while she was at UPenn. Dr. Jennings and his partner Alfred. She’s going to have 3 fur-siblings and some kitties to play with too.”

Kuperus is now a “poster child” for Adopt A Boxer Rescue. Their web pages are filled with pictures of her on the day she was found, waiting at the vet’s and as she recuperated. Ending with a photo of her today, fat and happy and a big smile on her face. The kind of smile you wear when you know that someone very special loves you.

Or, in the case of Kuperus, a whole lot of special someones. May her smile never falter and may those of us who see a sad face on the side of the road be as generous with our time and effort as that wonderful postman who gave Kuperus a chance at a whole new life.

Thank you to everyone involved in her rescue. May every one of your rescues become as big a blessing in as many lives as your involvement with Kuperus. Bless you all.

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