Mama Cow Found Lying In Pasture…Shocked Rescuer Notices A Heartbreaking Detail

Perhaps no one ever sat you down and told you that you can tell a lot about someone by the way they treat an animal. Even if they didn’t, most of us figure that out early on.

A German philosopher named Kant is quoted quite often saying, “We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.” He was right when he wrote that 200 years ago. He is right today.

Quite a lot of people love animals and would do nothing to hurt them. Even more love all animals and in fact, often say they love them more than they care for humans. They cite the fact that animals usually have more open and loving hearts than the average human.

Benjamin Tipps is definitely one of those humans that has a loving heart that is far larger and more open than average.

Even his wife is surprised daily at his empathy for other living creatures.

Tipps and his wife were visiting his family for Mother’s Day when he saw a scene out in pasture that had him out of his seat and headed for the field.

When he got there, he stood for a moment before lying down beside a cow that was on the ground.

It took his wife a few minutes to figure out what was going on. Then through misty eyes she snapped a picture that has gone viral with its poignancy.

This poor mother cow had been giving birth when things went very wrong. The sac surrounding the baby calf had punctured in the womb. By the time she had gone through labor and the calf had been born, it had drowned in the birth fluids.

The mother cow was exhausted from her labor. And heartbroken from sending little verbal prompts for the baby to move that were met with silence.

A mother knows. And this one knew that after all her hard work, with all the love she had waiting to share, there would be no one there to receive it.

She had laid her head down on the ground, from exhaustion and from her broken heart.

Tipps had seen all of that and his heart ached for her. He went racing from the house and into the pasture. He stretched out alongside the grieving mother and began to pat her, massage her and speak softly to her.

As he laid there, comforting her, she raised her head. Sometimes, all we need to keep us going is the knowledge that someone cares.

This solitary cow, facing heartbreak, was given the gift of comfort from a human who knew what it was like to lose something you loved.

They shared their moments. And the man’s wife captured it all on film.

She had posted the photo online along with the message, “What a great heart this man has. This momma cow lost her baby yesterday and Benjamin laid with her and petted her to try and comfort her. Such a sweet yet heartbreaking picture.”

The photo touched the hearts of people around the world. People who share Benjamin Tipps’ love for all creatures. People who share the ability to feel the wounds on another creature’s soul.

Before long, Tipps was being contacted by news agencies wanting to know more about the story. Tipps said simply there was no real story. He just saw someone who was grieving, and he shared that grief for a few moments.

His wife sees the moment as something heroic. The way most of the rest of us do.

“She was crushed—just devastated, and she was tired from the labor. She laid down, and Ben laid down and was kind of massaging her and comforting her,” Benjamin’s wife, Kayla, told NewsChannel 10.

We can only hope that when we have reached the end of our rope…when we think that our light has darkened as much as is possible. That someone will be there to hold our hand. To comfort us and remind us that life is worth living.

Thank you, Benjamin Tipps, for being the kind of guy we all want and need in our life. You make a difference every day, just by “being you.”

Source: NTD TV

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