Abandoned Mama Dog Goes Into Painful Labor. When Vet X-Rays Her Belly…OMG

Labor is painful enough.

It must be doubly painful when you lose your first-born baby.

Toss in the fact that you’ve been abandoned, which means you’re cold and alone and trying to give birth, and…well, it’s a nightmare.

This is what an adorable Chihuahua/Terrier mix had to endure in Cambridgeshire, England earlier this month.

The dog and the first puppy to which she gave birth was left in a cage in the near-freezing elements.

Obviously, the owner just didn’t want to deal with the upcoming babies, so he or she just dumped the poor animal.

And when Joshua Flanagan of Fenland Animal Rescue came upon the scene, he said it was “absolutely tragic.”

As he told BBC News:

She was in all this pain and discomfort, howling at the top of her lungs when we found her after we were called by police.

It was 1C (34F) outside when we turned up, and she was in a wire crate.

We see abandoned animals and strays on a weekly basis, but it’s the first time we’ve seen an animal dumped when they’re in so much need.

Unfortunately, Flanagan and his team hadn’t reached the dog in time, as her first puppy had already passed away.

But the mother, whom they named Bella, was still alive, so they brought her to a nearby veterinary center.

That’s when they realized something amazing:

Bella still had two puppies coming!

One was trapped in the birth canal (as if it somehow knew it was dangerous to be born) and the other was still in the womb.

There was only one chance to save all three lives in question, and that involved immediate surgery.

Thankfully, the procedure went well and Bella and her two pups are alive and happy!

It’s just sickening to think someone could’ve abandoned her in her time of need. Added Flanagan:

The person who dumped her would have known exactly what was going on.

They would have seen the dead puppy, and heard Bella howling in agony.

They must have thought ‘I don’t want that vet bill, I can’t afford that’ and then left the crate on the doorstep of a well-off family who could sort it out.

We need to find whoever did this so the RSPCA or police can speak to them.

Darn right.

Bella and her babies are doing well in a loving foster home but whoever first abandoned her must be punished.

And I’m willing to bet all animal lovers – and decent human beings – will agree!

Sources: I Heart Dogs, BBC News

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