After a Difficult Birth, She Cried out in Pain — Daddy Knew What to Do

Men often care about the pain and suffering their partners go through delivering their children into the world — even if they don’t express it all that often. And if it happens to be a difficult birth, things become much more painful for everyone involved.  

These days, it’s pretty common to see dad in the delivery room. That’s not the case for our four-legged friends, though. 


The birth process for dogs is just as long and painful as it is for humans. And most of the time,  the female goes through it all alone.

As for the daddy dogs, they’re not exactly in a waiting room passing out cigars. However, they’re not usually very helpful either.

Well, except for one doggy daddy. This dog can teach us all a thing or two about empathy!


YouTube user Eric Alexanyan shared this video of a tired mother German Shepherd and her adorable litter of 12 German Shepherd puppies.

difficult birth
Image from YouTube

In an unusual turn of events, the father of the litter was there for the birthing process.

difficult birth
Image from YouTube Video

And, after it was all over and exhausted mom was whimpering from the pain and distress, it was to the daddy that she turned for comfort.

This inspiring video that proves one important fact:

Not only do dogs understand more than most people believe they do…but many are far more empathetic than a lot of humans!


Watch the video and wait for the tender moment they share, which will make even those with the hardest heart say “awwwww.”

Share this tender moment with your friends to bring some love into their lives <3

Source: Animals Being Cute

Featured Image Screenshot from YouTube Video

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