Mamma Dog Waits For The Train Every Night, Passengers Are Heartbroken To Learn Why

When you see people waiting at the station for an arriving train, you know they’re waiting for someone.

They’re waiting for a friend, a family member, a loved one; they’re looking for that smiling, tired face stepping off the train.

So, when a dog continually waits for a certain train, we have to ask:

Who’s she waiting for?


Train commuters in Mumbai, India have noticed a friendly female dog who comes running up every night to check out the 11 p.m. Kalyan-bound train.

This searching dog has been there every day since January. She shows up and scans the windows and doors, hoping and hoping…

But for what? National Geographic notes:

She [the dog] chases after the women’s coach, peeking into doorways and scanning windows in search of something—or someone.

Perhaps the owner? If so, that owner is awfully late. Commuters have to wonder if that owner simply abandoned the lonely dog, or that owner has passed on.

One of the passengers, Sameer Thorat, who captured the video you see above, said they don’t want to remove the dog from the station.


Because this dog is a new mother! That’s right, she has four 10-week-old puppies living at the station and as Thorat says:

We are not moving her from that place because the puppies are very small.

Their eyes are not open yet.

Thorat has posted this video on social media hoping someone might recognize the poor mamma dog but so far, no luck.

Canine behaviorist Karen Overall from the University of Pennsylvania, who just heard about this story, says the dog definitely formed a strong bond with her owner:

That dog is looking for somebody…This dog is an optimist.

Unfortunately, it looks like the pup’s owner will never return, so now mamma and her four little ones desperately need a home.

Somebody is going to have to give her a new home and only then will she stop prowling the station, desperately searching for that lost loved one…

Source: The Animal Rescue Site

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