Man Adopted 45 Dogs, Watch When They Were Turned Loose At Their New Home, It Will Melt Your Heart 

Our hearts break each and every time we hear stories of animal abuse and neglect.

For those of us who love animals, our hearts further break when we see giant pet adoptions as we become overwhelmed by the vast number of animals in need of new homes.

And our hearts break the most when we see and hear of animals being euthanized simply because there are not enough homes for them.

In those latter cases, we want nothing more than to be able to adopt them all and provide them all with the love, care and affection they deserve. Sadly, this is not something that most of us are capable of doing.

But one man was able to fulfill that wish. Mark Starmer Ives in British Columbia. He accomplished what most of only wish we could do.

He adopted all 45 dogs and one gray wolf at a local shelter! Yes, you read that right. He adopted all 45 dogs and the wolf. Thankfully, Starmer has a large house with plenty of land for all of his new pups to play in.

Starmer fenced off four acres of land to make sure that there was a large, safe place for the dogs to roam. He is also blessed to have the financial capabilities to provide food, water and appropriate medical care to so many dogs.

Starmer’s willingness to do so much for his dogs illustrates so well his love for these precious pups.

Starmer’s actions are a dream come true for rescue workers. All too often, they see dogs who never have a forever home, dogs who are put down simply because they shelter does not have enough room or enough foster families to keep them.

They try to meet the needs of these homeless animals, but the financial and personal burden is too great in many cases. Ultimately, they do all of those to ensure that as many dogs as possible find their forever homes.

The video below shows the moment that all 45 of Starmer’s dogs first arrived home and saw their new four-acre playground. You have never seen so many happy dogs running and frolicking about.

It almost looks like the gates being opened for the Kentucky Derby as dogs of all breeds and sizes rush out of the gate and into the field, all of them barking, wagging their tails and enjoying life.

The dogs are all running wildly, exploring everything they can see, smell or touch. They will spend their lives living happily on Starmer’s land, never again having to face the dangers of shelter life and the potential of not finding a home or even euthanasia

“We live with 45 dogs and a Grey Wolf,” Starmer said. “A new four-acre play enclosure had just been built for them and the video shows them first being let loose to play in it.”

This video is absolutely beautiful. To see all of these dogs who were captive and in cages only a few days earlier now running freely through a four-acre field warms our hearts. This is what all dogs deserve.

Starmer reportedly said that he is committed to keeping all of the dogs on his family’s property and caring for them.

However, he also indicated that he would be happy if some of the dogs were adopted into other families where they can receive more personalized attention.

Starmer’s actions have saved the lives of every one of these dogs. He has, in essence, opened his own no kill shelter.

Just think what would happen if every shelter could be emptied out this way. What an amazing world we could live in if all dogs had a forever home.

Starmer’s story has since gone viral, and you can find countless recounts of it online. We can only hope and pray that this inspirational, good news story will spark the interest and passion in others to adopt animals like he did and to bring an eventual end to euthanasia simply because of a lack of space and resources.

There is just one remaining question. The scenery at Starmer’s property in British Columbia is absolutely breathtaking. I wonder if any of the dogs will stop long enough to appreciate it.

Probably not, they’ll likely be too busy appreciating their home and new family.

There is no word how Starmer’s family felt about him bringing home 45 dogs, but if they are anything like him, they must have been thrilled.

Just imagine what it would be like to be a child in his home with 45 dogs to run up to you, jump on you and lick your face. And of course, they all have their tails wagging away. It must be a dog lover’s paradise!


Source: Pawpulous



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