Man Adopts Two Special Needs Dogs – What He Does To Make Their Lives Easier Will Make You Smile!

Special needs dogs are among the hardest to find homes for.

Many people are afraid to adopt pets with special needs, fearing losing the pet quickly, worrying about how to take care of them, lacking the confidence that they are up to the challenge or simply not wanting to deal with the additional burden of a special needs pet.

For those of us who have adopted special needs pets into our families, we know their value. Adopted dogs are so grateful to find their forever homes.

But special needs dogs who have been shunned by so many people and even some other dogs are especially grateful, thankful and loving when they find their forever homes.

Holly and Susie both have special needs. Their owner’s heart reached out to both of them when he first laid eyes on the pair.

Holly and Susie were already good friends and seemed to have bonded over their shared disabilities.

Their new dad was so moved by their friendship that he not only adopted them, but he also created a device that would allow them both to go for walks together throughout the streets and paths of Holland.

The device allows the larger dog to walk using her front legs while her back legs are supported in a kind of wheelchair. On top of the device is a special area where the smaller dog can sit and go for a ride.

This video is so inspirational to watch. These two animals, who had been disregarded by much of the world, are truly enjoying life with each other and within their forever home.

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