Man Climbs In Hole To Save Stranded Kitten – You’ve Got To See What Happens Next

This video has me dying laughing!

Sometimes we do so much for our animals only to have them shove it back in our face. Cats are especially notorious for snubbing us lesser-humans. =)

But — we keep giving because we know how much they mean to us.

This video is a perfect example of what I mean though. Watch it and you will see for your self. This man saw that a kitten was stranded inside a deep hole.

Being such a good guy, he went to go grab a ladder and starts to climb down inside the hole.

Once he get’s to the bottom – the cat has a surprise for him!

Watch for yourself and have a laugh =)


Welcome to the Matrix, Neo. This cat has some skills!

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Source: Imgur


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Written by Collin

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