Man Discovers 8 Puppies In A Cave And Tries To Save Them, Takes A Second Look And Gets A Huge Surprise 

While we all become increasingly saddened when we hear of animals being abused, neglected or left to fend for themselves, the stories of hope and redemption that often come from those terrible circumstances give us hope. This is one such story.

Sometimes rescues are fairly easy. Someone sees a dog or cat on the side of a road and the animal happily approaches desperate for love and help. But other rescues are much more difficult.

Some animals are so fearful of people that they avoid all of us, even those of us who are trying to help them. Then there are also times when animals have gotten themselves into precarious situations that require human intervention in order for the animals to survive.

Hope for Paws is a rescue organization. Staff arrived at a scene after receiving reports of people seeing puppies living in a cave without a mother.

They cautiously went in and approached the puppies. One rescuer carefully grabbed one of the puppies.

The poor little pup had likely never been held by a human before and was terrified. He cried out until he realized that he would be okay. But his crying had scared the remaining puppies further into the cave.

The rescuer tried again to get the puppies. He managed to get two more out to safety, but again, the remaining puppies withdrew further into the cave.

Hope for Paws staff then started digging into the opposite side of the small cave, hoping to be able to reach the remaining puppies before it was too late.

Fearing the cave would collapse, rescuers quickly crawled in and got the rest of the puppies safely out of the cave. Or so they thought.

After eight puppies had been removed, rescuers looked one last time to ensure that they had not missed anyone. One remaining puppy was found, the runt of the litter. Unlike the others, she did not cry out.

Thanks to the diligence and commitment of these animal lovers, nine puppies have a chance at life once again.

Source: Gladwire

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