After Horrific Car Accident, This Dog-Loving Victim Had Just One Heartbreaking Request

“Are my dogs OK?”

Those were the first words out of Chance Peterson’s mouth following a horrific car accident that left him tangled and trapped in the twisted wreckage.

As he lay there, drifting in and out of consciousness, a truck driver who saw the accident and came to render him aid replied,  “Your German Shepard is dead, I don’t see the other one.”

Clinging to life, Chance also clung to the desperate hope that his beloved Pit Bull Izzy had survived.

It had all started typically enough. Chance had dropped Izzy and Carlitos, his German Sheppard, off at The Vail Doggie Day Spa and Lodging while he worked a double shift at the local Larkburger.

After work, Chance picked up his pups and headed home. That is when the unthinkable happened…

In that instant, life for Chance, Izzy and Carlitos changed forever.

Carlitos was killed instantly by the impact. Chance suffered a lacerated lung along with several broken bones. Izzy? No one knew. She had disappeared!

For days, Chance recovered in the hospital as he mourned the death of Carlitos and wondered about Izzy’s fate.

There were several alleged sightings, but no concrete proof that Izzy was even alive.

That is when Chance’s hometown of East Vale Colorado sprung into action.

Holly Walthers, owner of Vail Doggie Day Spa & Lodging where Izzy and Carlitos boarded, led the effort as search parties combed the area looking for Izzy.

For five fruitless days they searched. There were more sightings, but no one could near enough to confirm it was Izzy.

That’s when a Vail Doggie Day Spa & Lodging employee who knew Izzy well went to the scene.

Izzy, glad for a friendly face, immediately came bounding out of hiding!

Shortly after, Chance received the happiest call of his life.

Asked about that call, Chance said, “I had no words, I was so happy. I thought I’d lost both my dogs.”

“She was so excited to see her dad,” Walthers said. “Chance has a long road ahead of him to heal both physically and emotionally. We are just grateful that he has Izzy by his side.”

Chance is also lucky to have an amazing community that never forgot the power of love between a man and his dog.

Here is to a speedy recovery!

Source: Today

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