Man Spends Years Taming Two Wild Gorillas. Watch How They React When He Introduces His Wife…

Gorillas are amazing creatures. Just ask Dian Fossey.

But wild animals can still be wildly unpredictable, even when you think you understand their every move.

That’s why Damian Aspinall’s wife Victoria was a little hesitant to go meet the gorillas with which her husband had been working.

He promised a warm reception but again, these are large and wild animals.

Victoria just couldn’t help being nervous.

But her husband, who is the chairman of the Aspinall Foundation, really believed everything would be all right.

Damian has been helping to save gorillas since 2003 and he was most interested in introducing his wife to 2 specific gorillas, Djalta and Ima.

There was one caveat:

These animals were back in the wild, so the Aspinalls would have to find the gorillas in question.

Thankfully, they’d brought a handy drone that could attach to Damian’s phone, and they could spot their friends with a high-flying camera!

Finally, they found Djalta and Irma and they carefully approached…it was the moment of truth.

How would the gorillas react?

Damian approached first to make sure everything was okay, and to ensure they still recognized him.

That mission being accomplished, it was time to introduce Victoria.

At that moment, one of the gorillas came barrelling over and for a second, Damian was terrified he’d made a very big mistake!

But that ape just leaned in like an old friend, and was as sweet as could be.

In fact, the gorillas started to treat her as one of their own; she could never have dreamed they’d be so receptive.

The apes really loved her hat, too. These are some stylish gorillas!

You really have to see this; the video will absolutely make your day:

Source: Honest to Paws

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