WATCH! Man Tells His Pup To Shut Up…Apparently, The Dog Didn’t Appreciate It, LOL! 

We all hate to come home from vacation, to leave a party or to come home after a great day at the beach.

We all want the fun to continue as long as possible. But sometimes we have to leave early to get to a more pressing engagement.

Felony, a white female Boxer, and her person, identified on YouTube as fgemellaro, had such an experience.

Her person is an avid Houston Texans fan. He insisted that he and Felony leave the dog park early one day to go home to watch the Texans on television. Felony wasn’t happy about it.

When Felony and his person got in the car to head home, Felony began crying. Her precious howl was so sweet.

Her person repeatedly said in a joking tone, “Nobody wants to hear all that. Felony continued crying and howling.

“You shut it up, her person said. “You want to go home and watch the Texans? You a Texans fan?

Felony paused her howling for a moment, then continued.

“I guess she’s a Texans fan, his person concludes with a laugh.

Felony’s howls sound almost like she’s arguing with her person, using vowels only. It’s not unlike the sounds that humans make when we try to “speak” to our dogs in their own language.

His person obviously knew what was coming or he wouldn’t have been filming. No doubt Felony does this every time the pair leave her favorite dog park.

What kinds of odd sounds do your pets make?

Source: Pawpulous

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