Man Works All Day Making A Cat Flap In The Door…But The Kitty’s Reaction Left Him Totally Speechless

Let us be honest. We spoil our pets.

Americans spend more money pampering our pets than many other countries spend on food for their entire population. We love our pets, and we love spoiling them.

We buy them toys. We give them treats. And we dote on them endlessly.

Then there are other times when we do something to make our pets lives easier as well as our own.

Philo’s owner invested the time and money to install a cat door flap for his precious cat. He hoped that Philo would then be able to come and go as he pleased without having to wait for someone to open the door.

The man worked throughout the day measuring, buying materials, cutting and finally installing the cat flap.

Proud of his work, Philo’s person introduces Philo to his new door.

No doubt this cat dad was expecting Philo to be happy about his new door.

What he got instead was hilarious.

Philo cautiously approached the door. But then he appeared to not even notice the flap. He casually stands up on his hind legs, reaches for the doorknob and then opens the door!

That’s right. After spending hours installing the cat flap, Philo simply opened the door and walked on in.

It seems that Philo did not need the door flap after all. He just needs the door to be kept unlocked. Or perhaps he just needs to be shown how to unlock it himself.

Watch below and see for yourself. The poor man is left speechless! LOL!

Source: All Cute All The Time

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