Man Desperately Looks For His Dog For A Year, Watch The Moment A Miracle Happens

There is just about nothing worse than losing your beloved pet. When one passes away, we grieve and mourn for their loss. We miss them terribly.

But when a pet is lost or stolen, things are different. In those cases, we grieve and mourn but we also keep hope alive that the pet will once again come home.

We long for that day and wait expectantly for the day to arrive. For some, that day never comes.

This is the story of one dog who was stolen and his reunion with his person. Titan is a pit bull who was stolen from a truck belonging to Barry Gearhart. Gearhart spent the next year searching everywhere and following every lead in search of Titan.

Gearhart continued his search despite setbacks and false leads. He never lost hope that he and Titan would be reunited one day. He offered a $1000 reward for Titan’s return.

After more than a year, Gearhart attempted one final effort to find his long-lost friend. He posted a photo of Titan to Facebook and pleaded for help.

A volunteer from a local animal shelter recognized the dog in the post. He said he looked like a dog in the shelter named Hank. Tragically, Hank was scheduled to be euthanized in just two days.

When Gearhart heard the news, he raced to the shelter hoping to find and save Titan.

Gearhart learned that Hank had been found as a stray running through the streets. When Gearhart saw Hank, he knew instantly that Hank was his long-lost Titan.

No one knows for sure why Titan was stolen, how he ended up on the streets or what else he endured during his year away from his person.

But we do know that Gearhart and Titan are back together again where they belong. Watch below to see the beautiful reunion of these two loving friends.

The adorable pit bull and Gearhart were thrilled to be together once again. Titan’s ears perked up the moment he saw Gearhart, and he began barking and wagging his tail furiously.

Now the two are enjoying playing together once again in Gearhart’s yard. No doubt they are both thankful for their second chance at a life together.

Source: All Cute All The Time

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