When Sasha died, Max The Husky Was Devastated…Enter A Strange New Friend

We all know the pain of losing something or someone that we love. For a while, we just want to be alone with our grief.

But, eventually, we realize that life goes on. So we open ourselves back up again.

Sometimes it’s hard though to find someone that can fill the spot in our hearts that was left behind when our loved one passed.

That’s what a Siberian Husky named Max found out recently when his best friend, Sasha passed away.

Max had been adopted by Patrick and Kirsten Riley when he was five years old. Sasha already lived with the Rileys and she and Max had quickly become the very best of friends.

Max grieved after Sasha’s death. But, he soon realized that he was needed by someone else that had recently been adopted into the family.

It wasn’t a companionship you’d think would survive for very long. Max’s new best friend was a tiny duckling named Quackers.

The Rileys thought it was cute when Max would sit for hours beside the duckling’s pen. They hoped that his actions meant that he would not harm Quackers when he was turned loose. Maybe, they thought, Max would even defend Quackers against predators.


No one was prepared for what happened when Quackers grew old enough to finally be turned out of his nursery pen.

Not only did Max not harm Quackers, but the two were absolutely inseparable. Wherever you saw Max, invariably there would Quackers be within moments. 

The Riley family says the dog and duck eat their meals together and share the same water dish. They sleep in the same place curled up and always touching. 

They each have a bed in the Riley’s garage, but that doesn’t mean that there still isn’t a need for a lot of cat naps during the day. Er, maybe dog naps? Duck naps? Whatever you call it, it’s nice to have a friend to curl up beside and catch a few zzzzzs.

There are only 25 people who live in the Rileys’ small hometown of Strout, Minnesota, and before long they all knew about Max and Quackers. And, not just because news travels fast in a small town.

They know about Max and Quackers because most of the time, they’re hanging out in their favorite spot along Highway 28.

Every day, the pair takes the short walk from the Riley’s house to the roadside. Then, they sit there watching cars go by, looking every bit more like a drawing in a cartoon rather than real life.

It doesn’t matter if it’s raining or if it’s cold, the few people who regularly drive that route always keep an eye out to say hello to Max and Quackers. Luckily, it’s not a well-traveled road so there is little danger to Max and Quackers. 

We wish them a lot of years together. We think it’s pretty wonderful when life gives you someone to walk with through it. Especially if it is someone that sort of defies the norm.

Source: I Heart Dogs

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