We LOVE Our Soldiers, And These AMAZING Military Dogs Deserve A Salute Too!

The men and women of our armed services deserve the utmost respect.

Each and every person serving today is there because they have chosen to serve. There are other soldiers who have not chosen to be there, but they have saved just as many if not more lives.

Dogs serve in the armed forces in a wide variety of roles including sniffing out drugs and explosives.

They warn soldiers of danger and save lives each day they serve. Today, let’s honor these military heroes who are often forgotten.

Providing companionship to soldiers.


A dog deserving of high honors.


Benjo spent his military career finding explosives like these.


Military dogs are injured just like their human counterparts.


The bond is strong between soldier and dog.


Military dogs even skydive into action with their soldiers.


These two are inseparable after serving together.


Soldiers like this one often adopt the dogs with whom they serve.


Soldiers and their dogs serve together night and day.


These dogs are on duty every time their soldiers are.

Source: Little Things



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