After Her Young Son Dies, Grieving Mother Asks For A Sign From God…It Instantly Appears…

She sat alone, in pain over the loss of her son.

His tombstone rose above his grave, a quiet memorial to his short life.

An unmerciful brain tumor stole Jack away from her April 1, 2014, and Marie Robinson of Waterlooville, Hampshire in England was caught in a life of remembrance and grief.

Jack’s cancer was relentless, as he was diagnosed in January the year before his passing. His twin brother and three sisters were left with a painful void where Jack’s once shining spirit had filled their lives.

Marie Robinson decided to visit Jack’s grave on the anniversary of his death. Three years of grief left her seeking a connection that sunny day. She spoke aloud, asking her precious son to show her a sign he was there.

What Marie soon experienced was life-changing.

With the bright sun lighting the way, a robin suddenly flew from nowhere and landed on her foot.

The bird appeared comfortable as it danced from perch to perch around her.

Amazed, Marie decided to film the experience. The bird obliged, even landing atop her son’s grave as she filmed.

Robins are often associated with death in English folklore, and some cultures believe the birds guide spirits to the other side. Marie believes Jack was associated with robins because of the family namesake.

As she was brought to tears by the bird’s affectionate actions, the robin seemed to assure her.

The robin flitted up to her outstretched hand, looked directly at her and gave a quick peck before flying to its next perch. She knew it was a message for her.

“You’re looking after him,” Marie, her voice wavering, said to the robin in the video.

Marie decided to share the loving connection with the robin. She uploaded the video for others to experience.

The video has 14 million hits and many messages of support.

Jack’s memory lives now in the lives of millions because of the robin.

Marie was more assured Jack was OK even after she stopped filming the video.

The robin returned, she told the British newspaper The Mirror, and landed on her shoulder, even nibbling her.

One has to believe that little robin comforted a grieving mother, and helped her find peace from Jack’s namesake.

Source: Inside Edition

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