When You Are A Lost Dog And It’s Getting Cold, There’s Only One Place To Sleep!

When dog owner Jean Strobel lost her newly adopted dog, River, she was horrified. He had run away and had not come back home for seven days.

She organized search parties, posted on Facebook, put out flyers and notified the local shelters. She did everything a dog owner could do, but all she got were cold leads that took her nowhere.

The temperatures started to drop, so Strobel worried even more for her pooch. She was sure after a week out in the freezing cold he would not make it.

Then one night Strobel got a text message saying someone had found River. She didn’t believe it at first because of where they said they found him.

But as soon as they sent a photo, at one glance Strobel knew it was him.

Yes, River was found asleep in someone else’s home. He had been caught red-handed breaking and entering.

After braving the winter weather and scrounging for food, it seemed River was tired of being lost. Instead of waiting to be found, he took matters into his own paws.

When the Sluit family saw the furry bundle on their couch, “raccoon” was their first thought.

River had the fur and four legs, but it only took a second for the family to realize the serendipity surrounding the holiday home invasion.

They recognized River from the pictures posted in the neighborhood and knew the dog belonged to a good home…

Despite earlier reports of River being spotted several miles away, he ended up breaking into a house down the road from his own.

The Sluit family still isn’t sure how River managed to open the door and get inside, but they’re happy they could help a frantic family and a lost dog find their way back to each other.

And, Strobel is even more happy to have her River back safe and sound in her home.

She says she doesn’t dare let him out of her sight again, and is super thankful that the Sluit family returned him to her. Now this is the kind of happy ending everyone wants to read.

Source: I Heart Dogs

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Written by Margo Phillips

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