10 POWERFUL Pics Of The Moment Dogs Are Rescued From Their Abusers! They KNOW They Are Finally Safe!

There are so many dogs in this world in need of homes.

Some have been born in the wild or on city streets. Others have been abused, neglected or abandoned by heartless owners.

Those of us who have adopted a rescued pet know the value of these sweet souls. They know what a hard life is like.

It makes them so much more grateful for the new life they have. Check out these photos of the moment when dogs realized they were rescued from their abusers.

You can see the appreciation and love in their eyes.

He knows his chains are finally being broken


Peace at last.


Finally carried in loving arms.


You’re safe now.


Freed from animal testing.


No more forced fighting for this precious pup.


He’ll finally be cared for the way he deserves.


These puppies will no longer be trained to fight.


He knows he’s safe and loved now.


These dogs were adopted all at once while on their way to being euthanized.

Source: I Heart Dogs

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