Unlikely Substitute Steps In When Motherless One-Day-Old Puppy Is Starving

As much fun as new puppies are, they are a lot of work. They have to eat the right foods, start potty training and they require constant supervision when they’re awake.

And that’s when you’ve let mom do all the hard part and you take over at eight to twelve weeks old. By that point you’ve got lots of cute to contend with, so you can forgive them the extra effort.

Starting out raising a puppy shortly after birth can be near impossible unless you know exactly what you’re doing. Their formula has to be the right ingredients and the right temp, you have to make them go to the bathroom (that’s what mom does when she licks them, but you can do the same thing with a warm damp paper towel) and they require around the clock care.

That’s why shelter facilities like Cleveland’s Animal Protective League (APL) have measures in place to help puppies who no longer have their mother, for one reason or another.

Even with their knowledge and expertise, they know it’s still an uphill battle keeping a newborn puppy alive. It’s never easy and losing one that you’ve spent so much time nurturing is a heartbreak waiting to happen.

So, when a day old pit bull puppy landed on their doorstep without a mom, the staff immediately started trying to figure out how they would manage to keep him alive.

He was healthy and strong but very hungry. Constantly searching for a mother’s teat that would never be there.

He needed some kind of immediate intervention if he was going to survive,” one APL caretaker said of Norland’s state when he arrived at the facilities. Still, it would be hard to replace all that Norland’s mother could have offered.

Our incredible team at the APL put their heads together and decided to give something a try,” another caretaker, unnamed in the video, stated. While they couldn’t give Norland his own mother, maybe they could give him the next best thing?

Their thinking eventually went outside the box a little. And the APL team turned to another animal at their facility to help out Norland: Lolaine the cat.

She’d only just given birth and her motherly instincts were in full force—but how would she react to having a dog in her litter?

“We held the puppy up to her,” one employee recounted. “[Lolaine] came up, and she started sniffing, and immediately nuzzling, and licking, and just accepted the puppy as one of her own.

In fact, Lolaine was so receptive to Noland that she allowed him to nurse her, and she began taking care of him like her own kitten!

“I don’t think he knows she’s a cat,” another caretaker said of Norland and Lolaine’s relationship. “And I don’t think she knows he’s a dog.” Together, the two form an interspecies family that’s melting hearts around the world.

Even with Lolaine’s expert care, Norland needs some additional care from the APL team: “He probably gets fed seven to eight times—if not more” every single day, the caretakers said of Norland.

Lolaine watches carefully as Noland gets his bottle. If she thinks someone is doing it wrong, or that Noland has had enough, she taps the hand holding her puppy-son and asks to have him back. 

If you think these pics of Noland are precious, wait until you see the video of him with his kitty cat mom and siblings.

If your heart doesn’t melt, you need to see a cardiologist. Quick! There’s something wrong with it.

Source: Honest To Paws

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