“That’s No Kitten!” Family Rescues A Tiny Creature So Rare, It’s Almost Extinct

When you first lay eyes on this adorable little tyke, you think you know exactly what it is.

Sure, it’s a newborn kitten, right?

That’s what a family in Thailand thought when they spotted this tiny grey creature in the middle of the road.

They figured it was a newborn housecat that had somehow gotten separated from its mother. And the owners were nowhere in sight.


So, they quickly scooped up the baby and took him home, hoping to give him a nice warm place to live.

But when they returned and got a closer look at the animal they rescued, they realized something:

This didn’t appear to be a housecat. It looked as if it might grow into a much bigger feline…

To find out, they contacted the Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand group. They needed answers and the tiny baby also needed a vet.

During the vet’s examination, the truth came out:

The abandoned newborn was in fact a very rare fishing cat. So rare, in fact, that they’re nearing extinction in Thailand.

Fishing cats have been rapidly losing their habitats, what with human-nature conflict, and now they’re seriously endangered.

Fisher cats can weigh up to 26 pounds and just love water; at one point in their histories, they even sported webbed feet!

Well, the tiny fisher cat the vet named Simba is now in the process of recovering, and everyone is hoping he makes it.

The fisher cat species really needs Simba to keep fighting!

Source: The Animal Rescue Site

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