Scientists Find 300 New Deep Ocean Species And One Massive New Threat

Sometimes it’s hard to remember in today’s high tech world that there are still countless discoveries yet to be made. Researchers in Australia are seeking to do just that.

According to Smithsonian, researchers have found more than 300 new species of sea creatures in the Pacific Ocean near the eastern coast of the continent.

During the month-long adventure, scientists found approximately 1,000 deep sea animals, but nearly a third of them “have never been described before by science.”

The animals were all found in an area called the Abyss

. Tim O’Hara of Museums Victoria said that “the abyss is the largest and deepest habitat on the planet, covering half the world’s oceans and one-third of Australia’s territory, but it remains the most unexplored environment on Earth.”

All the discovered deep sea creatures were found after scientists dredged the sea floor with a metal box that collected animals along the way.

They pulled up many known creatures as well as new ones including a faceless fish and a new species of blowfish.

The Abyss is a world of jelly and fangs, with miniature monsters gliding up and down waiting for prey,” O’Hara said.

Many animals have no eyes, or produce their own light through bioluminescence.”

The sea creatures collected on the expedition will be housed at the Museums Victoria.

Some will go on display for the public to see, but most are expected to become part of the Museum’s natural history collection and used for further scientific inquiry.

Researchers were quite concerned with one find, however.

Despite the depths at which they were studying and the distance from shore, they found an alarming amount of trash and debris in the area including PVC pipes, various cans and bottles and other debris thought to have come from the era of steamships.

Check out the pictures below to see some of the newly discovered sea creatures. But beware, many of them are a bit frightening to behold. Thankfully, there are plenty of cute ones, too!


Spiny Crab

Game of Thrones Brittle Star

New Blobfish

Blind Cusk Eel

Grubby Polynoid





Source: Smithsonian

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